After the success of his company's show Lucid at the RADA Festival and a stint at the National Theatre in early 2018, Tom Kelsey is proud to bring his latest one man show, Tiger Under the Skin, to the Bloomsbury Festival in October 2018.

Established in 2006, Bloomsbury Festival is a creative explosion of arts, culture and science.

For five days each October, the streets, parks, museums, galleries, laboratories and public and private buildings of this vibrant cultural quarter play host up to 130 events which attract a significant audience from across London and beyond.

With a unique blend of academic institutions, businesses, cultural organisations and diverse communities, Bloomsbury has been a catalyst for ideas that have had impact across the world for hundreds of years. Bloomsbury Festival celebrates contemporary Bloomsbury; a hotbed of creativity and pioneering development which has one of the youngest and most diverse populations in the country.

The Festival works with many large and small partners to create and deliver its annual programme. More than simply a showcase for the area, instead Bloomsbury Festival acts as a catalyst bringing together artists and academics, scientists and dancers, musicians, publishers and school pupils to make new projects and to inspire and learn from each other.

Outside the Festival period, Bloomsbury Festival delivers community engagement and arts projects across the year.  These include it’s pioneering project, Festival in a Box, which takes artists into the homes of people living with dementia to provide life enhancing and joyful cultural experiences for people who are often lonely and isolated.

After the success of his company’s show Lucid at the RADA Festival and a stint at the National Theatre in early 2018, Tom Kelsey is proud to bring his latest one man show, Tiger Under the Skin, to the Bloomsbury Festival in October 2018.

“terrific ideas (and) split-second timing in a mesmerising, uniquely funny and unmissable show”
Act Drop on Lucid

“Sometimes I feel like I have a tiger under my skin. Sometimes, I find it difficult to keep my stripes concealed. Every now and then I have to unbolt the lock, open the cage and go for a prowl.”

Bouncing between an absurd, surreal, stream of consciousness and the story of a night out gone wrong. Tom Kelsey, in a highly physical performance, deals with mental health issues, exploring what it means confront the tiger under his skin.

Based on his own real life experiences of living with severe anxiety, Tiger Under The Skin takes us on a journey through the jungle of what it can feel like to suffer from panic attacks, anxiety and depression. Using a combination of comedy, physical theatre, animal work and a unique sound design, Tom Kelsey steers us through a day and a night living in the skin of someone trying not to let their tiger out the cage.

“a constantly surprising, often breath-taking kaleidoscope of endeavour that I found utterly compelling from the off”
There Ought to Be Clowns on Lucid

Tom trained at RADA and with National Youth Theatre, Frantic Assembly and DV8. He has worked as an actor in New York and London. He recently performed in the London MonologueSlam National Final and in JULIE at The National Theatre, directed by Carrie Cracknell.

Content by Chris Hislop

Tiger Under the Skin
Writer & Performer Tom Kelsey
October 20th, 2pm
Bloomsbury Theatre Studio, 15 Gordon St, Kings Cross, London WC1H 0AH

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